Limestone County EMA Mission

The mission of the Limestone County Emergency Management Agency is to coordinate mitigation and preparedness activities prior to a disaster and to coordinate response and recovery efforts in the event of a disaster in Limestone County.

Our all hazards approach includes threats from tornadoes, floods, and other weather emergencies, as well as man-made or technological hazards such as nuclear power plant emergencies and acts of terrorism.

Planning, ongoing training and teamwork have been the key to a quick response and successful recovery from disasters that have impacted our community in the past.

Limestone County EMA is committed to working with local, state and federal agencies to provide to the most comprehensive emergency management program possible to the citizens of Limestone County.



Limestone County Emergency Management Agency is conducting an annual review of the Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA). All citizens need to understand the hazards that could affect their community. By understanding those risks, communities can work together to make their communities safe. Citizens can understand how to best manage and plan for the greatest threats and hazards they face.  

Part of the annual review of THIRA is involvement of the citizens of the community. With this in mind, we want to know what you think about the hazards and threats where you live. Some of the hazards may not have occurred during your lifetime, however, your input is still desired.  

Please review the THIRA and provide your comments via email by August 23, 2017.

Link to view THIRA:  THIRA

Our email address is:

Thank you!