School Emergency Plans

In the event of an emergency at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant, the School Superintendents, or those in charge, will activate their Emergency Action Plan. This Plan designates what actions should be taken by School Administration in order to ensure the safety of the school children and staff. Below you will see information on what these actions are and how to locate your child. In the event of a PRECAUTIONARY RELOCATION, children will be moved to a specific location where parents can pick them up. Find your child’s School Name in the chart below. Beside the School Name you will see the Relocation Facility where your child will be taken. DO NOT go to your child’s school to pick them up. You may pick up your child at the Relocation Facility. If your child’s school is not listed in the chart, you may pick up your child at the school he/she normally attends. School Officials may determine that SHELTER-IN-PLACE is safer for the students and faculty. If so, the Principal will ensure that all students and faculty remain inside the facility. Parents may pick their children up at the normal school the child attends. (Shelter-In-Place is preferred if relocating student will result in transporting them through an area that may be contaminated with radiation.)


 Athens Intermediate School  Athens High School
 Brookhill Elementary School  Athens High School
 Cowart Elementary School  Athens High School
 Career Technical School  West Limestone High School &
 Creekside Elementary School
 Blue Springs Elementary School  West Limestone High School
 Clements High School  West Limestone High School
 Tanner High School  Creekside Elementary School
 Lindsay Lane Christian
 Academy, Athens Campus
 Lindsay Lane Christian
 Academy, Madison Campus