Report Your Damage

Following a disaster, such as a tornado or flood, you will need to report your damage to local officials. Local officials compile these damage reports into an initial damage assessment. This process is essential in determining:

  • What happened and how it has affected individuals and communities
  • How residential, business and infrastructure property has been affected
  • Which areas were hardest hit
  • Which situations must be given response priority
  • What types of assistance is needed

Report Your Damage

  • Limestone County EMA at (256) 232-2631

If you are unable to reach EMA, report your damage to:

  • Athens Police Department at (256) 233-8700
  • Limestone County Sheriff’s Department at (256) 232-1530

Information Needed

  • Name
  • Physical address
  • Phone number
  • Type of damage
  • If you can’t live in home, do you have a place to stay?
  • Do you have other immediate needs?


Please select the damage you would like to report. If selection is unavailable, please use "addtional information" below.