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Emergency Notification

There are several ways you could be notified of a problem at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant:

  • To alert people outdoors, EMA will sound sirens around the Nuclear Plant. If you hear a siren, turn on a local radio or television station immediately. These stations will give you information and tell you what to do. The sirens are also used to warn residents of other types of emergencies, such as tornadoes or floods.
  • To alert people indoors, radio and television stations will carry emergency information. Follow the instructions and stay tuned.
  • In an emergency, fire, police and rescue units may also patrol the affected area.
  • Boaters would also be alerted by Rescue Squad personnel.
  • Weather Alert Radios will also sound and provide information as to what to do.

Upon hearing a siren or emergency message, we also encourage people living in the 10-mile emergency planning zones to check with their neighbors to ensure they are aware of the situations – especially neighbors who may have special needs.

In case of a problem, you will be provided specific instructions based on your location. Follow the instructions given on the radio or television.

**Sirens are tested on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 9:15am.**

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