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  1. If you don’t know what Zone and Sector you are in, refer to the Zone and Sector Map to determine if you are in a Sector that needs to Shelter-In-Place.
  2. Stay indoors until further notice.
  3. Close all doors and windows.
  4. Turn off heaters and air conditioners that use outside air. Only use these if temperatures are so extreme that life or health is in danger.
  5. Do not use your fireplace. If you do have a fire, put it out. Close your damper or any other air intakes.
  6. Shelter your livestock if you can do so quickly. Leave them plenty of water and feed.
  7. Keep household pets indoors.
  8. Minimize your use of the telephone to keep lines open for emergency use.
  9. Listen to a local radio station for additional information or instructions.
  10. Do not leave your home until you receive official notice that it is safe to go out.
  11. If your children are at school, do not leave to pick them up. Children who are in school during an emergency will be cared for until it is safe for you to pick them up.
  12. If you must go outside, protect your breathing by placing a folded damp cloth or towel over your nose and mouth.

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